Dominance Games / Politics: To those who play the game we owe our allegiance

Dominance Games / Politics

Honor does indeed make the world go round.  Sentimental and teary eyed gents and ladies with love of country, love of flag, of truth, justice, the American way love freedom, democracy above all things politic, above all things holier than thou.

Scratch them, do they not bleed the reddest of blood.  Pressure them, do they not sing the truest of songs, the most patriotic of fervor, the highest of high minded principle.  Follow them and you not get trips through nether lands of staunch virtuous pillaging of the trolls of decrepit immorality and the black thoughts of ugly existence.

Time and distance and startling dimension know callings noble and  aims true as the truest arrow and as pure as the purest of maidens.  Time and distance are with the noble.

Vultures of darkness and enemies of the human spirit may descend upon the earth to do devilish deeds but those of pristine honor are always there to defend the franchise and to defend the causes of solemn right against the encroachments of corruption.

The world of freedom and democracy we have.  No fixed voting, voting districts.  No rigged candidates or rigged insurgents able to corrupt process and run the games of false choice for ever disenfranchised onlookers.  No lack of access to the pittance of pleading and wheedling needed get help with the  to intimidation and burying of the suckers who have no friends in friendly places.

Our heroes live and love.  In the precious swamp of their derision they understand that order is the important thing and that a control of the process is control of order and that they are the last best defense against chaos and confusion.

Lip service in defense of needed order, lip service in defense lack of uncertainty, lip service in defense of the temples of natural selection are not vice.  This is the virtue of those who are deft.  It is to those who play the game we owe our allegiance.

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Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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