Dominance Games / Politics: The umbrellas of fantasies

Dominance Games / Politics

Our measly everyday incentives to be part of our measly everyday  universe, system of laws, grievances, systems of crime and punishment,  of behavior modifications, of carrots and sticks, truths too dirty to accept and appreciate, fears too deep to delve into , players and posts too intrenched to move.

What are our measly everyday incentives to be part of a long line of custom and practice, intimidations and rewards, false image and true belief, incentives to hate, incentives to gather around the tribal camp fire?

What are our measly everyday incentives to be of the grand melting pot that is the legend and rapture of a culture that preys upon divergence, mines diversity, wishes no inbreeding, feels for the loss of pride in an American nation?

What are our measly incentives to be part of a tomorrow that promises no reward,  less definition, that promises serfdom and boots upon the neck, glorious, pompous usurpers  and destroyers of law, of sovereignty?

What are our measly everyday incentives to be part of it all, the pageantry, the show, the showcase, the fury, the storms, the songs, the sirens?  What are our measly everyday incentives to be part of the world around us as it floats and goes its merry way?  What are our  incentives to survive and act and move and fold?  Other than bodily survival, fear, loss of identity, loss of compass, fear of chaos, fear of self, emptiness of choice, desperation in hearts of hearts.  The grand hammer makes for good incentive.

The fawners, the owners, the players, the breakers, the slayers, the smart have no such incentives.  Citizens of their mobility, they are, citizens of their freedom from want, freedom from jurisdiction.  The gods they cherish are the gods of insulation, access to force, power vacuum, power, flunkies , hired muscle.  Bless the basis of their place and position.  Rules are for those stuck under the umbrellas of fantasies.

Incentives? Who’s gonna make ’em?

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Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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