Dominance Games / Politics: Dead fodder as resource

Dominance Games / Politics

Arrogance always supersedes urgency and the arrogance of insulation always supersedes the urgency of acting on behalf of pressures or ideas that will not now or never effect ones daily bread, ones daily life.

Playing shell games and playing at work makes for fine image and fall back positions of moral rectitude but doing false work on false projects to pretend to solve unwished for problems is the work of selling image to all and self and akin to the digging of holes followed by the filling in of holes.

The debt.  The debt.  The debt……game fodder for the mouthers, the back stabbers, the mammon lovers, the small and the air gobblers…the owners of us all and our worlds and dreams.

Discontent breeds opportunity, pressure, hot blood, seething hates.  For those ilconceived and overly inflated…..all the better to foment, to muster …to use.  Run up the flags…blow up the smoke……play out the strings.  War games of choice go on in battlefields unseen.  Games go on, games using the false actions, reactions, fancies, distraught as tactical weapons of insidious choice. Show trials and glossy images.

Those who can anti up force and resource, fear and muscle….. oh, the shows they put on.   orchestrated by their grand armies of prim cons, fleecing scammers, back alley hoods, there is never any there there when it comes to crises we are sold.

Carnie games, cons, tricks, tracks, flaks and racks…..just digging hole and filling them up again….Work needs to be seen to be done.

The war is for use of foment.  Insulated from all but their enemies the war is the back alley fight to keep using all us fodder as resource, food and fuel.

To serve humanity.

The pens are for the watchers.

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Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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