Dominance Games / Politics: The path to own the world

Dominance Games / Politics

So democracy goes on forever because that is our want, our world, ourselves, our bounty.  So our worlds do not atrophy.  They do not dissipate and die.

So there is the stability of governance full of protections for the powerless, full of balances in powers for those wishing enfranchisement.

So disintegration of trust, competence, public good…. simply a simple broken system populated by broken bums and the broken rabid venal.  So the sun rises and tomorrow comes and America is the land of the free.

Power rests with those with access to the means of enforcement.  The means of enforcement rests with those who have access to the control of movement, money, survival, position, power, today, yesterday and tomorrow.  Today, yesterday, tomorrow rests with those who tell the tale.

It does not take much to run a world …just enough.  A dollop of conflict, a dash of mass confusion, a smidgen of nowhere to go but in circles for those who wish to go somewhere else, a petulant stain of  force, influence being ceded to those who can take it from those who can get it ….  the show, the trick, the hammer, the pistol, the lark, the ruse, the making it so.

Hammer holds, grids in lock, governance unresponsive, self seeking, cross purposes here, no purposes there … everywhere the choke holds of choice.

Access to the choke holds of choice?  Spit and hate, rant and whine, block all ways to balance interests and intimidation….. dream jobs for losers.  The private muscle of private muscle.  The path to own the world.  Who would you go to to solve your problems?

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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