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Dominance Games: No such thing as America

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Dominance Games / Politics

When overseas markets get to be more enticing to business than our good old domestic market then there will be no more incentive to pay a living wage to a living person if that living person can no longer be counted upon to be a living customer.

The only incentives for business to produce jobs is to get labor at a rate that is affordable….no more in cost than in production.  the equation for business is profit.  Employment is useful only in service to that end.  Employment is not an end unto itself.  Business gravitates towards monopoly of markets.  Business leaders gravitate towards monopoly of production, of resource, of labor, of integrated, reliable means of sustenance.

Labor can be a troglodyte bore, using resentments and revenge to wrest any economic power it can get.  Labor also is the only line of defense against a system that, in reality, cannot and does not factor in employment and wages into its model

In the land of the free it is amazing how quickly good wages, benefits, and pensions have become words of derision, contempt, and fear.  Economic factors mitigate the wants of workers but when did the race to the bottom, the loss of expectations become a desirable model  …… and why is it that those who perceive no personal danger and who always have at least a path to survival are the ones who wish for that low level survival to become something that their neighbor should be thankful to have?

There is no such thing as America.  It is a hollow shell that provides fodder and seed capital to those who can play upon the global stage….They are for the efficiency of their markets, the efficiency of their control.  They factor in their real world insights and toughness and wish to be kings.  Model a middle class?  Don’t be absurd.  Give me useless bums as  serfs and street people any day of the week.

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