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Dominance Games: No such thing as America

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Dominance Games / Politics

When overseas markets get to be more enticing to business than our good old domestic market then there will be no more incentive to pay a living wage to a living person if that living person can no longer be counted upon to be a living customer.

The only incentives for business to produce jobs is to get labor at a rate that is affordable….no more in cost than in production.  the equation for business is profit.  Employment is useful only in service to that end.  Employment is not an end unto itself.  Business gravitates towards monopoly of markets.  Business leaders gravitate towards monopoly of production, of resource, of labor, of integrated, reliable means of sustenance.

Labor can be a troglodyte bore, using resentments and revenge to wrest any economic power it can get.  Labor also is the only line of defense against a system that, in reality, cannot and does not factor in employment and wages into its model

In the land of the free it is amazing how quickly good wages, benefits, and pensions have become words of derision, contempt, and fear.  Economic factors mitigate the wants of workers but when did the race to the bottom, the loss of expectations become a desirable model  …… and why is it that those who perceive no personal danger and who always have at least a path to survival are the ones who wish for that low level survival to become something that their neighbor should be thankful to have?

There is no such thing as America.  It is a hollow shell that provides fodder and seed capital to those who can play upon the global stage….They are for the efficiency of their markets, the efficiency of their control.  They factor in their real world insights and toughness and wish to be kings.  Model a middle class?  Don’t be absurd.  Give me useless bums as  serfs and street people any day of the week.

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Dominance Games: Reap the wild dirge of rapscallion fancy

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We beg the grim reaper to not waste our poor little lives.  We watch the angels as they watch over us.  The little devils…they come from there, they come from from here, they saunter about and just come from every  which where.

We have our little lusts.  They have our little lusts.  We have our little  depravities.  They have our little depravities.   We are bold in manner, strong in virtue.  They just want to know the nobility of our character.   We just want our dear little selves spread around for all to see and know.  They will love us to death.  We will give money to strangers,  our lives to the depraved.

We lust for composure in a void.  They wish us no void, tell us no tale, love the ones they are with…us …always us….always lucky little us.   They marvel at the variety and depravity of  life’s blood.  No more sneaking through sins unapplauded, unwanted.  No more lust driven fancies.  No more fun.

The pleasure of deeply held perversion is gone with the wind.  The pleasure of deeply held perversion is a spectator sport for the thought police and the enemies of my soul..Let me entertain my enemies.  Let me give my lustful fantasies to others to enjoy.  They deserve it.  They need their thrills and fancies.  I need their prurient interest.  We all need the great arena of shared experience.  The oh so recognized theater of the primed absurd.

We all can reap the wild dirge of rapscallion fancy….and be better wonders for it.  We all can  reap the wild wind together and know that it is worth the breeze in the trees. it…the pains of the gains, the crud of the stealing of us.  Cheep thrills and good shopping, the main character, the star of the constant story of our dreary little lives.  Tawdry and good and fun and done..the passing panorama.  I liked it better when there were just hidden cameras and bugs in my bedroom.  There was a nice cozy sense of security there.

Jennifer Preston   New York Times

Peter Apps   MSNBC Reuters

Walter Frick  The Atlantic

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Dominance Games / Politics


Dominance Games: Showtime

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Privacy.  Intrusion.  Know too damned much about every minute of your every day.  Privacy concerns.  Property concerns.  Monitoring your movements and wagging your tail concerns.  Know thine enemy.  Know thineself.  The watchers and the stalkers know thine and thine all all too well.  Thine and thine just continually give the stuff of total knowledge away and will continue to do so always and forever and after that.

Content.  Freedom.  Information.  Rights to sparklers of knowledge and entertainment.  The whole wide wonderful world we live in  is a whole wide wonderful  entertainment machine….the whole wide wonderful world stage…the whole wide wonderful world players…the whole wide wonderful continual and total intensely soothing and sexually fulfilling voyeurism.  The whole wide wonderful wonderful.

Showtime always by, for and soothing the rank amateurs.  Showtime always by, for and soothing the pristine trusted professionals.  Showtime always by, for and soothing.  All the world … that sweet little stage.

Everyday suckers put on shows, put out viewing material and movement tracking just for the hell of it…good, free open source content providers.  The proprietary stake is just to feed the proprietary beast.  The proprietary rewards are just to feed the proprietary beast.  The proprietary beast is a good over arching blanket.

Others, the proprietary traffic cops of wealth and fame and proprietary traffic builders of moxie and hedonism don’t much like each other as they squirrel around and try very hard ti searingly use each other.  Each, alone, poor little victims of the information age.  Interfere with the dissemination of everything and everybody and a poor wretched little business model is threatened.  Interfere with the owning and keeping of proprietary content and nonsense and nobility of purpose is damned and forgotten.  Intellectual property…we have so little…lets take it.  Intellectual property…so very hard to come by …lets hoard it and sully it.   All  get and give a little piece of the  show.  Ticket sales.  Ticket sales.  Let them all prosper.  A fabulous waste of time.  Come the predators.

Jennifer Martinez   Politico


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