Dominance Games: Democracy for lovers

Goodness and mercy are not always goodness and mercy.  Hope and dreams are not always hope and dreams.  The goodly heroes are not always plaster saints.

On our terms things are not always on our terms.

Democracy……just the sound of the word…the texture of its artful arcane syllables cascading out of the mouth, over perched and parched lips….the breaths deepen, the body tremors, and there is a comforting sniffle to back up the hope and pride.

The grand and great religion of the non secular masses.  The grand and great religion of the sweet, lovely secular champions of honesty, honor and fair play.  the end point of all politics.  The fair shake for all mankind.  We get it.  We got it.  We import it.  We sell it.  We cherish it.  We mangle it.  We push it through hell to see if it is or is not a cardboard illusion.  Tis a strong thing this Democracy.  it mirrors many images.  It shows off many hues and colors.  it is purposeful and pure anything of care and caring.  Always to be improved.  Always to be made superior and worthy.

We love it dearly and cherish it completely.  And we understand it as well.


Joe Klein in Time,8599,2068607,00.html

From  The Weekly Standard   the rancid bastards ….. the true…..the dumb ……  the honored creed…..the books I am pushing ….

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