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Dominance Games: An Essay on Power A Novel …. Installment 3

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Installment 3

Dominance Games: An Essay on Power

A Novel

Disembarked from Europe, the damned war, discharged, Richard  Kenny went home.  He would pick up his life.  He would pick up his wife.  He would settle his life.

Richard  Kenny’s wife made money.  She made money for herself.  She knew people, Richard  Kenny’s wife.  She could take her pick of all different kinds of suave, Richard Kenny’s wife.  She could dance naked in the streets of the Bowery when snow was in season, Richard Kenny’s wife.

Recuperating Soldiers had been assigned to areas in the South of  France.  There was aid and comfort given.  Richard  Kenny took pleasure, rest, recreation.

There were not many people there not of French citizenry, sans armies; there was one woman there, an expatriated American.  She gloried in the life there.  Her money was safe.  She was a political sparrow, a rare bird of hidden prey.  She respected her politics.  She grappled with the circumstance of war.  She had been widowed in New York, had found it in her best interests not to remarry.  Her husband was precocious in corruption, precocious in death.  She had refined sensibilities, Richard  Kenny’s wife; defined realities.

Richard  Kenny’s wife had known Richard  Kenny in New York.  She had known Sweet Amy.  She had been seen and left by all of the usual snakes.  There was usual carnage she had seen on the battle fields of the slick and willful.

The once and past husband of Richard  Kenny’s wife married smartly.  He was older, she, younger.  Her own background had been moneyed, once.  Much of what held it went the way of all flesh.  She was alluring, attractive.  She was lean and lithe, had sincere, perceptive eyes.  She was smart enough not to be slain by inches.

Rational thinkers.  She was descended from rational thinkers.  She was educated, fascinated, Richard  Kenny’s wife.  She knew pity.  Never young and callow, tribute was hers.  Those who were not saved was not saved.  She garnered respect for the infinities of presumed strength.  Richard  Kenny’s wife knew the games of her fathers, her mothers.

* * * * * * * * * *

There were newspaper people, those with the key to plans for good and clean living, blessed vision, truth, beauty.  Faith, hope, charity.  An abundance of knowledge Richard  Kenny’s wife had.  She would enter Richard’s party, sleek deviate, naked, fallow, susceptible to the weak, marginal and strong, a scholar herself in the study and practice of her arts.

She was pleasant, perfunctory, Richard  Kenny’s wife.  She showed Richard  Kenny respect.  He showed her the same.  She was a woman of much substance, Richard  Kenny’s wife.  Richard  Kenny showed her respect.  It was more than respect for a wife.  That she was the mother of Babe only seems right.  Babe was of her.  Babe was special.

Like her mommy and daddy before her Babe Kenny loved the dance.  It allowed her enjoyment, companionship.  It gave her pleasure.  Daddy, Richard  Kenny, was not heaven’s gift to the goodness needed somewhere, somehow on god’s green earth but Babe  Kenny knew that Daddy had the requisite degrees of meanness and joy.  Richard  Kenny had his points.  Daddy was a good man.  He had shame in his past.  About such things as Babe was concerned, daddy was one who understood.

Richard  Kenny did not want that his Babe should have the type of life that he had had.  He vowed to remove her from the types of pressures that had made life for him, at times, a very trying experience.  If little Babe grew up to be just another run of the mill flighty little bitch then so be it.  He would try his best to help make her canny and wise to the ways of the world as he saw it, smart enough to know when and how to speak, to whom and for what reason to speak.

Richard  Kenny had great hopes that he would have his little girl grow up to not be a damned little whiner, to not be one enmeshed of trivial nonsensical banal emptiness.  He did not want his Babe to be married to the damned pretentious, the usual clowns and hangers on, the high place and good breeding numbing flag waving absurd.

Between the jumping fools he knew that paraded as men and the laughing idiots he knew that paraded as women, Richard  Kenny knew that it was a bad  proposition to expect that his little girl grow up to be anything like a fine and decent person.  For sure, Richard  Kenny knew that there was no damned such thing.  He also knew that his dream was cock-eyed and dumb and that if he had ever met such a woman as he had to himself described he would probably kick her in the  ass and try to turn her into the damned no good  whore that he would have been sure that she  had been.

Richard  Kenny wanted his Babe to have some guts.  He wanted her to be able to have a little bit of  class, have some reserve, some manners.  Given what he knew of the damned  world he knew he was hoping for too damned  much.  There were many things which were simply not in the repertoires of the worlds in which he lived, probably not in the repertoires of any world in which anyone  lived except for the little dream  world he had in his  mind that would make and allow his  little girl to be at least bearable.

She, Babe Kenny knew herself to be an American citizen and she felt that New York, offering what she thought to be at least a different world from the one in which she lived, offered the largest chance for her to attain the understandings and plays she so clamored after.  She, Babe  Kenny felt that someday she might very well turn out to be some poor little rich  bitch with some  asinine Italian  lover dangling from her rich  little arm and some other asinine little  peccadillo with the  cook’s  little  daughter to scream about to her worthless  friends.  For the mean, though, she would look towards, for, something else.  If she failed there would be all of those rancid little pleasures waiting.  If she failed to find that which she was looking for she knew that the  cook would have an sick fuck assed daughter with death in her  heart, that the asinine  Italian lover would be a stiff and that he would  try to steel her money and make her crazy.

Babe  Kenny felt that there was not much more to be had for her, her father, in the South of  France.  It had become a poisoned well.

She had then a fondness for the English speaking peoples, and she would not have been adverse to either London or Paris if Richard  Kenny could find some  cause to see either of those places as desirable.  Babe  Kenny knew that daddy was not one who held New York as his favorite place, having long since given up its ghost, and from what she could make out, having long since given up its ghost with  pleasure.

Babe  Kenny, then, would try to find a way to force movement to London, or at least Paris, but she would hope for a way to return the family to New York from whence it came.  She would, she knew, be able to move where and when she wanted.  She was free, she had means.  She could do as she damn well pleased.

* * * * * * * * * *

Babe Kenny was facetious.  Her mother had left her.

She loved not too wisely but too well, Babe Kenny.

She eluded the grasps of wild eyed men, Babe Kenny.

Queen of sustenance and honor reaped by  worship, Babe  Kenny.

She baited and cooed, Babe  Kenny.  She, laughed, darted, promised lusts with her hips, said goodbye with her lips, Babe  Kenny.  She, inspired trust, Babe Kenny, her voice aching want.  Specters, false bravados, itinerant needs, Babe  Kenny.  A past that wished only to collect on its debt to itself, Babe  Kenny.

She liked doing business with men who would conquer the  world, Babe  Kenny, liked helping flies lose their wings, Babe  Kenny; liked helping megalomaniacs get stronger, liked getting with those cynical, perverse to a point, Babe  Kenny.

She dealt with policy makers, Babe   Kenny.  It behooved her to skepticism.  She reserved special insight for those special individuals with wholesome abilities, Babe   Kenny.  She saw and did intelligent things.  In matured and intelligent splendor she found time to exhibit depths of understanding, sharpness of vision.  Demure and outstanding, Babe   Kenny was fascinated.  She was tempted to throw herself at the feet of all overriding capacities, all overriding capabilities.  Her honor easily marshaled, her awe easily overcome, she was a rotten hostess to money and power.

Babe  Kenny, a young woman of twenty five.  When not pursuing the ferocious games she was involving herself in, she was involving herself in what she thought to be conditions in her world which could justifiably be called wanting.  She did not usually throw off the gains and relics of a misspent past.  She did not put on herself the mantel of St Joan, cloaks of sack cloth and ashes, purposes enmeshed with deep burning desires to right all of the inequities, the inequalities, of mankind.  She did not commit herself to the creation of a new and better world, did not place altruism upon the list of virtues towards which she aspired.

Much curious as to the nature of the United States, her country, her people, the well from which Daddy sprung, his problems sprung, Babe  Kenny, involved herself with some groups involved in aspects of the coming social upheaval.  She involved herself with some groups which had primary interests in preventing evil, in maintaining right.

She traveled much, also, in those years, Babe  Kenny.  She established for herself a satisfactory ability to survive, neatly, efficiently.  As a means of continuity, she involved herself with the fields of publishing, running errands, doing some light research for friends connected with national organizations.

She was able to produce what was asked of her without making undue demands, Babe  Kenny.  She established satisfactory loose relationships that served adequately the aims and desires of all parties involved, Babe  Kenny.  She went often to Washington.  Often she stayed for protracted periods.  She did not find herself over weaned, overwhelmed.  The many bright young things, the many bright young smiles ran up and down the highways and byways of goodness and charm.  This was not a heaven to capture Babe  Kenny’s fancy.

An occasional congressman, an occasional sterling thing from State, Justice, tried to convince Babe  Kenny of the goodness of his heart, the warmth of his purpose.  Babe  Kenny was not overly eager to be in the clutches of the idealistic, the cynical wonders who smiled so brightly, worked so feverishly, championed so greatly the dignity of justice, of man, of mankind.

There were media people, there were those with the key to god’s own plan for good and clean living, the revelation of his wonders.  In their hearts they knew that they were blessed with vision.  Truth and beauty followed in their wake.  All would lead the way ever after to the foundations of the noble and true.  All bright young things were of firm beliefs.  They all saw through sham and injustice.

Babe  Kenny, also in Washington, met many of the many who lobbied for the cause of all things great, all things which would make all things greater, all things which would be guaranteed to be great.  She met those representing things that had made America what it was.

They were bright and they too were young, the heroes of Babe  Kenny.  Anxiety jumped upon practicality, strength triumphed reason, disorder was a mother.  Disunity fomented.  Spring was cherished.  The earnest and so pure.  Babe  Kenny liked them best.  Babe  Kenny dealt with policy makers.  It behooved Babe to skepticism.  She reserved insight for those special individuals with wholesome abilities.  They saw and did intelligent things.  Charmingly lucid.  In matured and intelligent splendor they found time to exhibit the depths of their understanding.

The earnest and pure.  Babe  Kenny liked them best.

* * * * * * * * * *

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Dominance Games: An Essay on Power A Novel …. Installment 2

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Installment 2

Dominance Games: An Essay on Power

A Novel

There were foreign objects; there was pain.  It was the 6th of fucking June.

On came Richard fucking Kenny and his fellow fucking brave hearts.  On came God’s fucking crusade in some fucking death trap of a fucking landing craft in the fucking English fucking Channel just dying to help a bunch of fucked up, fuck assed fucking Frogs get their god damned, fucking fucked up fucking country back from some god damned, fucking fucked up fucking fuck assed crazy assed fucking goose assed stepping assed, fucking, rot in hell fucking Krauts.

Dreams for Richard fucking Kenny.

A putrid soldier’s dreams.

Richard fucking Kenny found himself with the first assault waves of American heroes climbing up the fucking beaches of fucking Normandy.

The young man next to Richard fucking Kenny on the fucking landing craft on the way to the fucking beach sang the praises of Christ the fucking Lord.  The one next to him puked his fucking guts out.  Richard fucking Kenny had not only come three thousand fucking miles to get his fucking ass blown off but he had to do it with some fucking idiot’s fucking puke all over his fucking gear and some other fucking idiot singing the fucking praises of Christ the fucking lord in his fucking ear.

Richard fucking Kenny was very fucking agitated, disgusted about the whole fucking thing.  He was fucking annoyed.  He would, he thought, have, at least, died a happier goddamned fucking death if he was sliced and diced by one of his old fucking playmates and left to bleed to death in some god damned fucking stink hole puddle in some god damned fucking stink hole alley behind some god damned fucking, rotten assed, fucking greasy spoon.

His god damned, fucking father, where ever the fuck he was must be turning over in his god damned, fucking grave at the thought of his only fucking son running around with a bunch of fucking red necked fucking bloody fucking American he-men about to fucking charge good old fucking Europe, from whence his god damned, fucking father ran, to play god damned, fucking wonder soldier, god damned brave fucking wonder fucking hero.

Kraut soldiers were without bitter appreciation.

Richard fucking Kenny hit the beach on the shores very early in the fucking morning.

The fucking Kraut soldiers did not want to lose precious ground.  They wanted Richard fucking Kenny and his fucking friends to be fucking dead.  They appreciated fucking greatness, not Richard fucking Kenny.  Little fucking Addie Kraut was their mad fucking fool.  He was strong.

A wonder fucking soldier, wearing his spiffy little super duper little fucking uniform and traveling fucking on, Richard fucking Kenny was a thrill a minute.  Richard fucking Kenny was getting his fucking tail shot at pretty fucking good.  This day was to Richard fucking Kenny was a particular pain in the ass.

Richard fucking Kenny in the middle of a fucking, stinking, dirty, fucking, fuck assed, fucking foxhole in the middle of the fucking, stinking, dirty, fucking fuck assed screw assed fucking war.

Richard fucking Kenny became a dirty, fucking hero, another fucking smart assed, wise assed fucking wise guy, wise assed fucking savior.

Two fucking throwbacks to some fucking simian past.  Two fucking, anti-Semitic, anti-human, sub-human fucking throwbacks.  Richard fucking Kenny killed seven fucking Krauts.  Richard Kenny knocked off a fucking Kraut machine gun nest

Richard fucking Kenny barely stopped himself from killing the two fucking southern fucking fuck assed fucking throwbacks to some fucking simian past, the two fucking, anti-Semitic, anti-human, sub-human fucking southern throwbacks.  He saved his fucking outfit.

The lieutenant who was barely fucking alive only by grace of God and the captain who was half dead were both fucking very fucking happy that Richard fucking Kenny didn’t kill all of their own fucking wonder soldiers.  They were both exceptionally proud that Richard fucking Kenny was a member of their, this man’s, fucking Army.  They were most certainly overwhelmed.  Richard fucking Kenney was their great fucking hope.

Richard fucking Kenny was put upon the god damned fucking earth to do great things, to fuck rotten fucking ladies, to be sharp as a tack, twice as mean.  He loved to save the lives of the fucking wonderful who would be very happy to hang his happy little fucking New York fucking assed neck from a god damned fucking cross when he was back in the god damned fucking fuck assed States.  Richard fucking Kenny just wanted to jump up and down and salute the god damned fucking good old fucking red, white and fucking blue’s best fucking examples of fucking class.

* * * * * * * * * *

Richard fucking Kenny demeaned dangled leaden calves, gave up on dangled fucking leaden losers.  He jack assed backward through the straights of hell.  Sanguine, straight, Richard fucking Kenny jack assed backward through low dealers, low weasels, low wants, low fucking kills.

The All fucking American fucking boy was not something Richard fucking Kenny could put up with too much longer.  Richard fucking Kenny reveled in his own fucking wonder.  He was fucking proud that he had saved the lives of all of the fucking red necked fucking fuck assed fucking hicks.  Richard fucking Kenny was tired, very, very tired, and he didn’t want the All fucking American fucking boy to wake up one fucking morning and turn on Richard fucking Kenny when Richard fucking Kenny wasn’t fucking looking

Many forms, many shapes the All fucking American fucking hero.  He said many different fucking things.  He was sure to turn into a no good fucking asshole sooner or later.  Poor Richard fucking Kenny.

Richard fucking Kenny survived the fucking war.

He survived it.  The first day, the first day off the fucking beach.

Richard fucking Kenny survived the second day, the second day off the fucking beach.

Richard fucking Kenny survived the third day.

Richard Kenny survived the fourth day.

Richard fucking Kenny survived the first fucking month off the fucking beach.

Richard fucking Kenny survived the first fucking year off the fucking beach.

Richard fucking Kenny survived the fucking war.

* * * * * * * * * *

Amy.  Sweet, sweet, Amy.  Amy Lucille to the young men and women of pride and honor.  Amy Lucille to those who sought the glint in her radiant brown eyes shining brightly as she allowed company with the sons and daughters of manners and property.  She, Amy Lucille, able to touch their hearts vigorously, in worship and adoration.

Amy.  Sweet, sweet, Amy was that which could make life worth living, a shining beacon apart from all others of a peculiar conflagration of will, of a peculiar conflagration of mood, a treasure, Amy.  Sweet, sweet, Amy.  She wished to be the ideal to which all fine young dreamers might aspire, who did not let the pedestal upon which she found herself not allow her to not do what she must.

The giver of sunshine and shadow, the purveyor of pleasure and pain.  The killer of mothers, the lovers of fathers, the seductress of aunts and uncles.  The touch, the brush, the sweet, sweet kiss, the dear, sweet caress.  Amy, sweet, sweet Amy.  The nectars, the juices of sweet, sweet existence.  How sweet, sweet Amy craved.  How she craved.  Sweet, sweet Amy.

Sweet, smart Amy.  Amy, sweet, sweet Amy could only think of thighs and such and water her lips with the tip of her tongue.  Amy.  Sweet, sweet, Amy could only think of sighs and such and water her lips with the tip of her tongue.  The sweet, sweet lovers of sweet, sweet Amy, sweetly, sweetly maimed, murdered, before sweet, sweet Amy could ever again enjoy their sweet, sweet pleasures.

The lures of those who fondled, the lures of those who craved, Amy, sweet, sweet Amy would live to crave a thousand lives.  The sweet, sweet lovers of sweet, sweet Amy, sweetly, sweetly maimed, murdered, before sweet, sweet Amy could ever again enjoy their sweet, sweet pleasures.

She was the last best hope of daunting sin, Amy.

Some men died for love, Sweet Amy figured.  Some men died for money, Sweet Amy figured.  Some just wanted freedom from ghosts, dead spirits, evil, she figured.  Some took the path of least resistance.  Some, the last alternative to life.

Amy.  Sweet, sweet, Amy.

She baited, she cooed, Amy.  She laughed, she darted.  She promised lusts with her lips, said goodbye with her hips, Amy.  She was a gift given, Amy.  Her lips inspired trust, her voice aching want, Amy.  She drew hearts out as a magnet, Amy.  She drew spirits with ferocious fire.  The sweetness.  The contempt.

Get to a strong man, a weak man, a smart man, Amy figured.  Make a magic wand, Amy figured.  A turn of the screw, she figured.  A way in, a way out.  Will to will, strength to strength.  Strength to weakness, guile, subtlety.  Amy knew the equations well.  Worked them well.

* * * * * * * * * *

Memory is a sometimes wisp of smoke, a fog that traps those who wish to run with the fires and furies of the whirlwinds that spin dangerously amidst the cunning who understand the fragility of the soul and the meanness of the spirit.  There are those deep and dear and those of substance and depth are often taken for granted and given rides to test the waters of eerie endeavor and feel the heat of vile creatures.

Characters that spring upon the hidden planes of existence, hidden planes of attack may be of an interesting kind, may be of a rancid, sinister kind and play in dominance, survival, and find themselves oriented to the mysteries of life with stories following around roots and edifices, movements through time and fate.  Dreams and drama induce momentous rides and searing portraits of self and season.

My world is a wanton place with playthings in long spacious corridors angling in to slice and vanquish as they present their great homage to prosperity and glitter.

She was the last best hope of daunting sin, Amy.

She drew hearts out as a magnet, Amy.

She drew spirits with ferocious fire.

Purges were purges.

Amy screwed Death for eternity and Death took Amy as his own.

Amy screwed Death for eternity and Amy took as Death her own.

Somewhere in her passions she fused with fulfillment.

* * * * * * * * * *

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Books …… Dominance Games: An Essay on Power     A Novel    …….. Lust Games: An Essay on Honor    A Novel      ……… Void Games: An Essay on Revenge     A novel ….

Dominance Games: An Essay on Power A Novel …. Installment 1

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Installment 1

Dominance Games: An Essay on Power

A Novel

Time a strange longing myth.  The world an art.  Muses watch blandly from the sidelines.  The kill is the winning bastard, chasing down the scurrying flock.  From the weight of sin, noble honor, comes a tempered stew that radiates out from the sinews and muscles of poor challenging bastards; that radiates out from hubris, aggression, want.

Mean and lust are tempo.  Conflict urges towards damnation, urges towards the visceral thrills of the rewards of power.

She is quite the sensual, wondrous toy who transpires through time, through dimension.  Quite the user, the hustler, the seer, the queen.  Quite the mystery who comes up in myth and mist.

Cynicism is wrapped in soft cloth.  Truth floats through gauzy mists.  There is fear, intimidation, loss.  There is ecstasy, the traps of history, of identity, of will, of territory, of belief.  There is passion.  There is wisdom.  There are kills, histories with long roots, many mothers, unyielding fathers.  There are neon lit nights and strong doses of tough.  There are memories, cold hard facts.

Actions, taken through time are taken by those who are the prisoners of an uneasy chase, prisoners of the ghosts of wily survival.  Motion follows paths easing towards searing savagery and redemption.  Many walk in uneasy terrain.  The kill is the winning bastard, chasing down the scurrying flock.  Beauty, honor, revenge show dangerous enticement, coming sometimes hard, sometimes not at all.  Honor, freedom, power, will, rush through the thickets of deadly time.

Conflict urges towards damnation, urges towards the visceral thrills of the rewards of power. There is dismissiveness, domination, fears of power, the traps of circumstance, will, cynicism, of want.

Swirling plays for the depths of men’s souls stir the chase.  Swirling plays for power and greed stir the games at hand.  There is sustenance in the drinking up of the brew offered by the tainted mixes of hunger and reserve, the tainted mixes of driven characters in cool focused rage.

Swirls of action and consequence run frolicsome charges through roads taken by those weak enough to pursue them.  Pursuits of harsh base pleasures and purposes provide a world of gamesmanship, sorrow.  There are enticing, foggy, predatory pasts.  Life is full.  It harbors heightened existence, clashes of will, of instinct.

A stark landscape is created, one that does that which it has to do, that forges that which it has to forge, that sets up that which it has to set up.

Death seeks his muse.

* * * * * * * * * *

Richard  Kenny developed his modicum of veneer.  He used it on the broken who had money to spend as they wiled away looking rich, empty, bored and rusty.  It was the easy buck, like dealing seconds.  Richard  Kenny was left to fend for himself with nothing save his momma’s good looks, his daddy’s cunning.  Spread out, rancid, tired, Richard  Kenny’s women who weren’t there broke the dreams of those who were and all were enjoined.  Sweet, sweet Amy, my dear little Babe.

Sweet Amy was always leverage, was always neutralized.  Cheap bastards always knew their names, Richard  Kenny, Amy, sweet, sweet Amy.   Cheap bastards knew they kept their own council, traveled light through rancid jungles of open pits of open sores.

Richard  Kenny looked for the ravages of weakness, took pleasure in watching gerbils squirm.

Richard  Kenny’s entry.  The sweet sense of nastiness, the odor of disdain.  All of the  men at the  table of Richard  Kenny’s life found Richard  Kenny a shield to covet, a bastard to savage.

In 1942, in New York City, Richard  Kenny was trying very hard to get out of the  army.  There were no fruits for his labors.  He was sorry.  Richard  Kenney wanted out from the bottom side of an existence that had since lost its glamorous facade.  Richard  Kenney did not want to continue associations with the people with whom he had been associated.

Fuck the deranged  lunatics.

Little Addie, this  Hitler idiot was a damn menace to the damned  world, no  sense of proportion, no  reason.  The world was made up of an abundance of damn suckers.  Any crazy asshole who knew how to make the suckers jump up and down in their  cages could make a fine little life for himself.  Little fuck Addie, this  Hitler idiot, only confirmed Richard  Kenny’s  beliefs.

Little fuck Addie, this  Hitler idiot, and his goose assed , crazed fuck assed  friends knew all the  games that Richard  Kenny, his  friends knew so well, learned so well, taught so well.  All of the neat little fuck assed  tricks learned dealing with the other fuck assed  suckers in his damned sweet rides through the piss holes of the Western World…Richard  Kenny knew them well, taught them well.

Little fuck Addie, this  Hitler idiot, and all his crazed fuck assed goose assed  friends were  stench, bad  medicine, bad  assholes,  Jew baiters,  bad mean grief,  medicine, bad assed  times.  Richard  Kenny.  The  world could fuck itself silly.  Richard  Kenny could  fuck himself silly.

 Despite his best efforts and great resources Richard  Kenny was inducted into the Army in the spring of 1943.

He was shipped south.  He had to employ some of the tactics and friends of his New York associations.  Too many certain southern gentlemen and others, in fond and happy anticipation, were filled with thrills at the thought of having a one hundred percent New York Jew boy at their  disposal.  That this was the way of things Richard  Kenny knew.  He was in a position, however, to make the certain southern gentlemen and others  sorry that they disliked him so.

In the fall of 1943 Richard  Kenny and his fuck assed  friends were shipped overseas, were dispatched to be stationed in the south of  England.  Richard  Kenny was training for he knew not what, for purposes for which he cared exceedingly less.   Admiral  Dewey, Black Jack  Pershing, friggin’ Winston friggin’ Churchill, that  crazy man, Macarthur, Jimmy  Doolittle and his whole  bunch of damned friggin’ Flying  Tigers, fuck assed strutting Montgomery and all of the friggin’ British Tommies lying end to  end on their god damned  limey stained ass stained  bellies couldn’t make god damned  Richard  Hymie Kharnovski give two  shits about this god damned  war.

Richard  Kenny was not of the mind to allow some damned  yo-yo of a  Kraut  paperhanger be the cause of him breathing his last  breath in some god damned  stinking European  stink hole.

The goddamned  krauts ought to have their goddamned  asses mangled just for getting Richard  Kenny into this goddamned  mess.  The goddamned  Japs should also rot in  fuck assed, rotten,  saki hell.

Dominance Games…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…


Books …… Dominance Games: An Essay on Power     A Novel    …….. Lust Games: An Essay on Honor    A Novel      ……… Void Games: An Essay on Revenge     A novel ….

Dominance Games / Politics: Non heathen governance

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Dominance Games:

Some grow to accomplish great things and in their awe and satisfaction with their own achievements wish to join the ranks of the governing classes.  These are all by far public spirited poachers who feel that doing right is doing good and that doing good is doing better.  Power and position are simply mere trappings of a calling that enables the true and honorable among us to show their wares and shine in the spotlights of public service.

Many come and go but those who come well prepared and well propped, well fed, well connected, and well heeled understand the nature of the arena to which they aspire.  They will be singled out and praised, sought after and looked at…they will become the apple in the eye of those whom they may serve.

it is for the public good that these brave souls toil.  It is for the good and welfare of their communities, their regions, their states, their country that they work.  The future is something that they can shape,  They can help secure it for their own and their charges.  It is good to be able to shape the future,  It is good to be able to shape the present.  It is good to be able to shape debate, shape policy, shape paths towards freedom and righteousness and clean laundry.  Governance is for the strong, the secure, the wise, the secure, the able.  All of our aspirants are able.

All of our aspirants are there to learn, to judge, to listen, to know.  We ache for the fine men and women of public virtue.

Governance is good.  It is noble.  It is hard work and sure trouble.  It is a the high calling.

It, then, is to our great joy and happiness that we get aspirants who strive to do public work and not aspirant who strive to do public sin.  Seeking power is what the good guys do when they know that they are always right.  Seeking power is what the good guys do when they know the wind is at their backs and that the wind blows them towards shores of riches and rewards.  Seeking power is what politics is all about.  Doing something with power is what those capable of seeing past their tortured little souls are never quite able to get right.  This take a quiet desire to understand what exactly governance is supposed to achieve.  This takes knowing that governance is all about being king and having the ability to lop off heads at whim and will.  We love our little aspirants.  They are so basic.

Of note;

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



Dominance Games: An ode to the unknown communicator

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The romantic twaddle of burnt rats and the longings and feelers and resources of the dupes of the sweet songs of love thrown to us from the pulpits of the sly.

Listen sweetly to the self loving poems and paeans of breeding, baring, privilege and wonder as he/ she puzzles over reason well for  endearing ends.  Never know things that go bump in the night.  Always fear them.  Never look, always see the little monsters outside of our rancid dreams.

Strife, petition, leering gratification.  Gentrification.  Our putrid little mirrors can reflect too much light, light that burns and singes, burns and singes in the dark corners of the constant night of holy ignorance.  Heady rewards come to those who dance with the nimble and pristine.  The precise.  Lure and aphrodisiac.  Heady rewards come to those who dance with the ones who shimmy well and perform well.

Characters and preeners.  Dancers and singers.  All manner of ribald show and tell come to us as we trundle on our merry little ways.  Dismissive arrogance, weapons of masquerading follies attract us as  cheap perfume.   Cheap perfume attracts those for whom the mawkish and the patty functions best.

Pretty pictures and fancy illusory pieces.  The flaccid aerial circuses we gawk at make us proud.  Over sized performers in the trees waiting to fall off or to be picked by the tree pickers, we feel their pain.  These trees bear strange tasty fruits,  strange tangy nectars, the taste exotic, the after taste lingering majestically.   The sirens sweep softly.

Junk yard cats and howling dogs go bay at the night, the moon.  Fairy tales and sun rays define the joys and pleasures gained and sent by the grand operas of fondled passion and inebriated score.  Contraltos serene always allay fears in holidays of dead beyond the pale of contrition.

We love the ones we love.  lust, hell, dominance and greed are trips to be taken.

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The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…..the thrill..

Dominance Games: Dominance Games: Prior to sinking the ships of state

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For viewing pleasure there are always the perfect villains and perfect fools of the corridors of power using the levers that they hold in order to work things out in ways workable.  Checks and balances work in so far as there is the ability to execute.  Laws, after all, are just means to direct the execution of the power of the state.  With the governed increasingly unwilling to abide by the sanctions of the state directions lead to one of two outcomes.  Either a tightening of force or the grip of the powerful or the fragmentation of power without cohesive structure or finely tuned apparatus to enforce unknowable rules and standards.

The games may be different in different places and systems but the principle is the same.  No agreement on an umbrella political structure gives way to the savageries of power plays and power grabs.  Corruption is not corruption.  It becomes the order of disorder with, in the extremes , the order of death.

Fragmented views of society are wished for by those in opposition to the order that is.  Push too far and hoped for new orders become no order what so ever.  Allegiances to cohesion are hard allegiances when corrupting power wanes out of control.  Allegiances to fraction and divisiveness are not attractive measures when they invite  a broken world without recourse to fixing.  A non lethal state can be mended best from within.  A lethal state invites the danger of getting better or worse.

Firebrands would do well to judge the level of real toxicity prior to sinking their ships of state.  Puzzlers ponder answers, define not questions.  The powers of those in the catbirds seat always trump rage and rant.

The self interest of the fears and cries of the put upon is dear.  Perceptions  are often eternally skewed.  Perceptions of power bases are often eternally skewed.  Readings of power bases are often eternally flawed.

In the rush to build government, the rush to build equity, firmness grabs often by the  short hairs.  Whom gets whom by them, the short hairs? The world is the world of unintended consequence.  Who rages for these, the unintended consequence?  Those who risk too much for too little or those who risk too little for too much.  Lasting fancy and gifts from the devil make martyrs out of the righteous.  The righteous put much good in play and much good in jeopardy.  Judgement is a hard to come by commodity.  Laws may be a sham.  Too much fracture and the trust of the populace is lost.  Too little and is is co-opted.

From Times Book Review

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Dominance Games: Too damned hard to sell

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Always honorable conundrums, the flies in the ointment.   Try to stand for goodness, justice, mercy, all singular goodness, motives and damned good people.  Damned good images.  Damned good damned support for damned good myths and martyrs sternly and strongly on the sides of the better angels of our nature or the better angels in heavens glorious chorus.

Love the chooser.  Hate the choice.  Love the honor.  Hell if its sullied.  Ahh, the fidelity.  The goodness, mercy freedom, passion, democracy, love, honor, obedience.  Ahh, the heart warming virtue.  The frustration, the failures, the damned fine print.  Some trick ponies that just won’t do the tricks we got them for.

Fear the future and the past.  Patriotic words and happy fire brands.    Always entertain and sicken and turn right wrong and virtue to sham.  It takes work to frame the fine print.  And finesse.  And sureness.  Damned sureness.

The freedom to be unfree is a freedom granted those who get the freedom to choose.  Rhetoric tells them so.

What a problem  What a predicament.  Go freedom.  Go Democracy.  Go unholy jail and captivity.  Be free enough. Let freedom rin, stoically.  In heavens name let freedom ring, stoically.  Ahh, the complexity.  Ahh, the toil.  Ahh, the temperamental nature of worlds and words.

Passions.  Wishes.  Unfinished business…more.  War by other means.   Care what you wish for while holding high a beacon to the weary, blurred, wily little word.

Freedom from thought.  Freedom from action……Gone with the wind and the talk of the chump.  Ahh…… the usual sound and fury signifying nothing.  Balance of power.  This hallowed multipurpose all in one superbly adept and equally awe inspiring product and export, badge and club, sincere piece of the human soul and rotten apple democracy.  Ahh…… the usual sound and fury signifying nothing.

Sell Arab springs.  Wisconsin autumns. Central American knives.  Sell the cheap stuff in the pretty boxes.  Too damned hard to sell the stuff that works.  Too damned hard to build the stuff that works.

By Jeffery Goldberg  The Atlantic

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The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…..the thrill…

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