Dominance Games: Too damned hard to sell

Always honorable conundrums, the flies in the ointment.   Try to stand for goodness, justice, mercy, all singular goodness, motives and damned good people.  Damned good images.  Damned good damned support for damned good myths and martyrs sternly and strongly on the sides of the better angels of our nature or the better angels in heavens glorious chorus.

Love the chooser.  Hate the choice.  Love the honor.  Hell if its sullied.  Ahh, the fidelity.  The goodness, mercy freedom, passion, democracy, love, honor, obedience.  Ahh, the heart warming virtue.  The frustration, the failures, the damned fine print.  Some trick ponies that just won’t do the tricks we got them for.

Fear the future and the past.  Patriotic words and happy fire brands.    Always entertain and sicken and turn right wrong and virtue to sham.  It takes work to frame the fine print.  And finesse.  And sureness.  Damned sureness.

The freedom to be unfree is a freedom granted those who get the freedom to choose.  Rhetoric tells them so.

What a problem  What a predicament.  Go freedom.  Go Democracy.  Go unholy jail and captivity.  Be free enough. Let freedom rin, stoically.  In heavens name let freedom ring, stoically.  Ahh, the complexity.  Ahh, the toil.  Ahh, the temperamental nature of worlds and words.

Passions.  Wishes.  Unfinished business…more.  War by other means.   Care what you wish for while holding high a beacon to the weary, blurred, wily little word.

Freedom from thought.  Freedom from action……Gone with the wind and the talk of the chump.  Ahh…… the usual sound and fury signifying nothing.  Balance of power.  This hallowed multipurpose all in one superbly adept and equally awe inspiring product and export, badge and club, sincere piece of the human soul and rotten apple democracy.  Ahh…… the usual sound and fury signifying nothing.

Sell Arab springs.  Wisconsin autumns. Central American knives.  Sell the cheap stuff in the pretty boxes.  Too damned hard to sell the stuff that works.  Too damned hard to build the stuff that works.

By Jeffery Goldberg  The Atlantic

politics, news, commentary

The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…..the thrill…

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