Dominance Games: Melt toxic

Dominance Games / Politics

Rat bastards and sultry party girls  know public interest.  Deficient lay persons come awash with scandal and comprehension.  The thoughts of the  fates  are the stuff of legend while public minds and group clouds make definitive statements.   Right thinking wonders are never astray while cogent minds contemplate their navels and grovel at the feet of those who know better.

Parity.  Fairness.  Xenophobia.  Heartfelt compassion.  Good people all with thin skins.  The world is not an easy place.  The whining of poor babies echoes loudly from here to the Martian sunrise.  The stiff cries of hold my hand are deafening…..and often time a counter weight.

Ideas  rip the blood of bad actors of no repute and aria singers of no legend.  Unorthodox hard edged filters of desperation protect us from the no nonsense void.  Life churns.  The humble ruminate.  The grand reflect.  The rooted sincere have no idle moments.  We all draw pretty pictures.

A pauper’s joy for the demeaning, the demonizing.  A sultry singer’s bow for the self important.  Too much the liberalizing efforts of the universal comforters.  The store gets given away to those who work it not.

The fierce battles rage on.  The rights of the group and the membership therein.  Membership is a thing open to passions and reasons and fears and such.  The melting pot of old does not always melt.  It does not always blend.  It is at mercy to the ingredients in the stew and the stew often has uncooperative parts, the main ingredients rancid, the diced additives being not of a combining kind.

Staunch defenders of the faith are oftentimes staunch defenders of the faith.  The non narrow us is the over ripe other, the suckers who sees too little too late, too much too often.

Battlegrounds.  Power is often to save face and place, often a trip for the hard relentless.  The power… never diffuse it, challenge it, break it.  Break only  enemy thine.

Cohesion not when there are prizes to be won, sacred cows to be hidden, ridden, loved for the hate engendered.  Thugs can marshal the forces of the club…bring harm and grief… trump peace and joy and love and understanding.  For any and all good peace the thugs have to be noble thugs.  We grow only noble thugs here.  Any and all good peace … good sick comedy and toxic lame.

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