Dominance Games: Whip Hand

Dominance Games / Politics

Back alley consent is easy consent.  Simple peasant villagers and serfs trot off to market.   The landscape is a simple barren thing.  The bon fires of the whip hand reap sanity.   Gazelles on horseback run away with the wind and sneer at fools trying to catch them.  The whip hand is the one that got away.

The eight by ten glossies of fire walls against chaos enhance stability.  Power and things and money and such are good hammers.  They deface an ugly backlash from the suckers.

The gentle gentry cooperate with the soothing strains of enforcement, the legitimacy of law, always coerced with the withering tales and willing stories of  lustful lusts and hateful hates.

Might makes right.  Might makes trust.  Systems function.  The trusting trust that the hammers of force and power will be wielded in a trusting way.

Imperial statehood is a show.  The  honorable consent of the honorably governed…  good simple bounty.

Ennui works well.  The holy rollers and the cynical snide love to ride out their lustful fancies.  Proud stasis is reached when the game is understood by all.

Bye bye love.  The whip hand is not for wimps.

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