Dominance Games: American Exceptionalism

Dominance Games / Politics

Saved we are by our intrepid heroes.  Saved we are by those governing fools.  Governance is what they do.  They dance it fine.  Measly little power grabbers.  A laugh.  Measly little over aged adolescents.  A scream.  The best this country has to offer, they.  The proud poster children for American exceptionalism they.  We are proud.

So.  Now we have our moment in time.  It is a fine and great moment…a moment that can be a magic springboard and springboard us back to the very best versions of our very best selves.  It can be a springboard to the very best selves that we hold dear and deep in our hearts, the ones we think of when we day dream and are heroic.

We are now teary eyed wonders saluting our flags of strength and it is not by accident that we brave many things in order to envision the best of all noblemen and women.  Honor fulfilled, large injustices not metastasized, we, as one, cherish our common suffering and our common courage and valor.  Oh but were that my exploits could be chivalrous and true.  Oh but were I a standard bearer for the sure and true.  My heart would sing forever.

We tell our selves.  We tell our selves again and again.  Oh, but were that me, that soldier of soldiers, that brave stoic soldier of soldiers.  Oh that the moment in time to be good is here again.   Oh that it is a moment of no frustration, of no foolishness, of no ass backwards behavior.  Oh, the goodness and joy.

As have been many that have come before, so often, so hard charging, so eminently luminous…..the past is prologue.  It sets that which must come next.  Our past was yesterday.  It will not bear on tomorrow.   Our reactions harsh and fearful and weak.  Our past small, narrow and petty.

We come from hard times and look through many prisms.  There has been frustration and false premise.  There has been false horizons and false dawns.  Actors act.  They wonder.  They cannot see yesterday.  They cannot see tomorrow.  They can, though, be the glory of their times.

Yesterday’s toys were sullen things.  Yesterday’s toys will be no more.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true..… the thrill….


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