Dominance Games: Rational agendas have no constituencies

Dominance Games / Politics

It isn’t so lame or innocuous any more to feel constantly disheartened as talk, debate, speech, interview today happily exists as just one big jellying hyper cloud of haunting dimwits with base metal tarnishing appeal.  Arguing over and again and again and over that their points are valid because they wish them to be so, that their points are valid because because they make their enemies look bad, that their points are valid because they make their enemies look vile and useless, that their points are valid because because they are not really able to or capable of gathering any real facts or drawing any real right and honest to goodness logical conclusions.

False argument, a total denial of scientific method, a fond denial of conclusions built upon solid testable premise… ahhh, the rage and all the profit.  When appealing to the searing self justifying emotions and abject hate of demonizing wonders one must use the tools at hand, the tools of the trade… one must throw out and master the big lie, throw out and master the loud voice, the love for mother and country, the call to arms, the call to freedom, the call to the rights of all individuals to be brazen know nothings and false idiot savants.

The small dreams and pitiful yearnings of those who are the truth and true believers of their own minds will spare us not our righteous bores, our intimidating clowns, our scornful vessels incapable of synthesizing two opposing ideas….incapable of understanding two opposing ideas.  Love instead the thought police.

the trash of public discourse has many containers, many walking toxic junk piles and wiggling junk heaps.  Little filters of any note stand straight against raging loudmouth shriekers and bullying honorees.  Who to question the logic, the hypocrisy, the false equivalency of mouthed dribble.  Who to not promote the same and more.  Tis always agenda time on the dweeby merry go round…. always agenda time and eternal virus of hoof and mouth….all  slick and sick agendas are honored and bagged for ratings. Rational agendas have no constituencies.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…


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