Dominance Games: Gone with the wind

Dominance Games / Politics

Once upon a time there were honest to goodness people with honest to goodness feeling that individuals with honest to goodness stature and gravitas were not to be taken as or made to be the butts of jokes and labeled by the inbred dumb as far too staid, stentorian, measured, thoughtful, enlightened to be considered as anything other than a mad caricature of a certoonish high school principal or a needless boring uncle who seems to know too damned much.

Honor falls not today upon the worldly and wise.  Respect falls not today upon the responsible and true.  By definition, the elite, the worldly and wise are morally bankrupt elitists by nature, elitists by will, elitists insight, elitists by understanding.  Tinker with thought, gravitate towards deliberation, have not the fire in the belly to bay at the moon ….. be an abject failure and no excuse for a man.  Have headaches from unreasoned slogans in the thinking, let alone the telling and be a weak link in a dead chain

The self aggrandizing preeners who have the temerity to actually know some things that the happy dull populi do not are surly worth giving the mark of Cain.  Such folk are vile beyond their pretensions and their cystic flair.  They are of and for the useless drivel that respects things cultural and humanistic, realistic and tough.  learning, deliberation, knowledge, thought brought into the equations of hard decisions are for school girls and infants.

These are the constituencies of the non faithful, the questioners, the non didactic, the skeptics.  These are the weak sisters who are  that which the ignorant wish them to seem.

The future lies with those of action and certainty, those of bluff and megalomania, those of noxious speech and little respect for the quality of public discourse, the pandering to public nonsense.  The future lies with the vacant and the empty…… they have less to lose when they empty their heads in order to open their mouths.  Mostly nothing.

Also of note:

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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