Dominance Games / Politics: Non heathen governance

Dominance Games:

Some grow to accomplish great things and in their awe and satisfaction with their own achievements wish to join the ranks of the governing classes.  These are all by far public spirited poachers who feel that doing right is doing good and that doing good is doing better.  Power and position are simply mere trappings of a calling that enables the true and honorable among us to show their wares and shine in the spotlights of public service.

Many come and go but those who come well prepared and well propped, well fed, well connected, and well heeled understand the nature of the arena to which they aspire.  They will be singled out and praised, sought after and looked at…they will become the apple in the eye of those whom they may serve.

it is for the public good that these brave souls toil.  It is for the good and welfare of their communities, their regions, their states, their country that they work.  The future is something that they can shape,  They can help secure it for their own and their charges.  It is good to be able to shape the future,  It is good to be able to shape the present.  It is good to be able to shape debate, shape policy, shape paths towards freedom and righteousness and clean laundry.  Governance is for the strong, the secure, the wise, the secure, the able.  All of our aspirants are able.

All of our aspirants are there to learn, to judge, to listen, to know.  We ache for the fine men and women of public virtue.

Governance is good.  It is noble.  It is hard work and sure trouble.  It is a the high calling.

It, then, is to our great joy and happiness that we get aspirants who strive to do public work and not aspirant who strive to do public sin.  Seeking power is what the good guys do when they know that they are always right.  Seeking power is what the good guys do when they know the wind is at their backs and that the wind blows them towards shores of riches and rewards.  Seeking power is what politics is all about.  Doing something with power is what those capable of seeing past their tortured little souls are never quite able to get right.  This take a quiet desire to understand what exactly governance is supposed to achieve.  This takes knowing that governance is all about being king and having the ability to lop off heads at whim and will.  We love our little aspirants.  They are so basic.

Of note;

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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