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Dominance Games: Company thugs and union goons would like to come back

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Ahh, the mind set.  Ahh, the prejudices.  Ahh, the soul of a vital capital economy with the moxie and guts to be great.  The drive.  The resource.  The navigations of the rough seas of competition with the wind not enough at your back.  The iron will.  The self determination.  The drive.  The pride.  The heart of the risk taker.  The grand traits of a grand country.  B e they ever cherished and honored, celebrated and reflected upon.  Scrap and fight.  Hustle and move.  Do what has to be done.  Build and build.  Empire, good empire.  Hard scrabble and brass knuckles.  It ain’t so damned easy.  Spit and get off of the floor.  Keep coming.  Keep coming.  Keep coming.  Winning is tough.  Keeping turf is tough.  Building is tough.  This is romance.  This is steel.

Ahh the poor inferior helpless.  Unschooled, unable, unwarranted, unloved.  Ahh, the comfortable dependents upon the sweat and work of others.  The path is there for the traveling.  The stakes are there for the taking.  Life’s owes nothing but death and squalor.  Manna from the haves to the needy is manna earned.  Work is production.  Production creates sustenance.  No production.  No sustenance.  No sustenance….no survival.

All is fair always in the market place.  It is self defining.  The ones who corner the means and methods win.  The ones who take away extreme power do so as a protective measure.  The winners win only so long as the system has the backing of state sanctioned law or force…or non state sanctioned law or force.  There are no guarantees that the winners won’t push themselves over a cliff.  There are no guarantees that the losers will go quietly.

Survival for all requires the hording of force and the use thereof.  Company thugs and union goons have had their time in the sun.  They would like to come back

Tommy Christopher   Mediaite

Glenn Thrush and Byron Tau   Politico

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Dominance Games: Showtime

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Privacy.  Intrusion.  Know too damned much about every minute of your every day.  Privacy concerns.  Property concerns.  Monitoring your movements and wagging your tail concerns.  Know thine enemy.  Know thineself.  The watchers and the stalkers know thine and thine all all too well.  Thine and thine just continually give the stuff of total knowledge away and will continue to do so always and forever and after that.

Content.  Freedom.  Information.  Rights to sparklers of knowledge and entertainment.  The whole wide wonderful world we live in  is a whole wide wonderful  entertainment machine….the whole wide wonderful world stage…the whole wide wonderful world players…the whole wide wonderful continual and total intensely soothing and sexually fulfilling voyeurism.  The whole wide wonderful wonderful.

Showtime always by, for and soothing the rank amateurs.  Showtime always by, for and soothing the pristine trusted professionals.  Showtime always by, for and soothing.  All the world … that sweet little stage.

Everyday suckers put on shows, put out viewing material and movement tracking just for the hell of it…good, free open source content providers.  The proprietary stake is just to feed the proprietary beast.  The proprietary rewards are just to feed the proprietary beast.  The proprietary beast is a good over arching blanket.

Others, the proprietary traffic cops of wealth and fame and proprietary traffic builders of moxie and hedonism don’t much like each other as they squirrel around and try very hard ti searingly use each other.  Each, alone, poor little victims of the information age.  Interfere with the dissemination of everything and everybody and a poor wretched little business model is threatened.  Interfere with the owning and keeping of proprietary content and nonsense and nobility of purpose is damned and forgotten.  Intellectual property…we have so little…lets take it.  Intellectual property…so very hard to come by …lets hoard it and sully it.   All  get and give a little piece of the  show.  Ticket sales.  Ticket sales.  Let them all prosper.  A fabulous waste of time.  Come the predators.

Jennifer Martinez   Politico


Dominance Games: They work the trenches

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In my name they go to war.  In my name they rule the waves of production, the seas of competence.  In my name they accommodate the needs and wants of the needy, the wants and aspirations of the desirous, the happy little frolics of the serious and the moral.

In my name they please.  They distribute goods and services.  They distribute hearts and minds.  They distribute ease and sanity.

In my name they sower with efficiency, plunder with joy, return to me the dregs upon my investment.  They produce.  They camouflage.  They placate and the are that between us and a world without function.

In my name they do what there is that has to be done.  In my name they do it well.  They do it adroitly.  They have no spasms of regret.  They are professional.

In my name they grease the wheels of a better more sane world.  In my name they await their applause humbly.  In my name they regard the slings and arrows of dark screamers with regret and in my name they view with sad detachment.  They know better.  In my name.

In my name they are seasoned.  In my name they are worldly and wise and in my name they know the functions of the world.  In my name they are of one with the veils of hidden charity of spirit and the veils of the hidden philanthropy of the heart.  They are at one with progress in my name.  In my name we need ask no more.

In my name they are what they are.  In my name they act as they can.  In my name they act where they can.  They are good because they are.  In my name they are all that they can be.  In my name they act.  For themselves they act.  It is that true noble philosophy that serves.  They act so that I can be free.

And I support them.

The cost of costs

from Harpers by Scott Horton

The usual usual  from The Washington Post

The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.

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