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Dominance Games: Stupid is as stupid does and stupid does damned well thank you. Smart is for the unclean.

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Dumb as they come.  Stupid is as stupid does.  It is not good to be a dimwit.

Once upon a once dumb was done.  One and done and not to be braced again…. and again and again.  Well maybe only one again.  Nevermore.  The age of smarts is a long gone epoch, an epoch tinged in sepia, brokered with lilting memories of cultural and historical awareness, drowned in the seas of bitterness held by all who thought that thought was a cherishable thing, a useful thing, an undamning thing.

Characters for reeducation these, a harrowing threat to the valuable gene pool of the simple suckers spouting simple things in order to appeal to simple folk joyous in there simplicity, sure in their lack of logical construct, unawares of false hypothesis or grand self delusion.

Dumb is easy.  It takes only loud and force, easy targets and the echoes of fearful ardors.  Dumb is dumb.  Loud enough and it seeks to cower opposition into acceptance of legitimacy.  Soft enough and it seduces the needy and the hateful who need the experience.  Dull enough and no sense and nonsense become toys for vitriolic syntax and visceral mean.   Stupid is like that.  Often wily.  Many times strong.  Demagoguery in the tumbleweeds.  Stupid is as stupid does and stupid does damned well thank you.

Smart was a once upon a time.  Now seditious and seductive, dangerous, odious, treasonous and unpatriotic, smart.  Smart is for no one unless for the doctor that treats you…only then if under conditions that don’t undermine your belief system.  Smart…..the irrepressible poison in the drinks of the unenlightened unwilling dancers of the dumb dance.  They wave with the flag.  Smart is for demon enemies of the state and seducers of innocent girls. Smart is fever.  It is the tool of hell.  Smart is a puerile mix and a sum brew fed to innocents who are impressionable and wayward.  Smart is for the unclean.

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Dominance Games: The mensch of midnights past, our calling. Tough as nails and grateful.

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So.  This is us.  This is today.  Can tomorrow be as close as tomorrow?  Can we be what we say we never were?  Can we be what we say we never stood for….so the rank patriots and fellow screamers tell us.

Can we be the opposite of good, the opposite of decent…again and always.  Can we be the picture perfect us; strong, moribund, phlegmatic, anxious, dead.  Cane we be special and angry?  Can we build the better mousetrap of pride on the backs of the unbetter mice?

Curse needy compassion.  Curse malevolent social engineering.  Curse the race of the swift, the loud, the strong, the sure.  The needy, the daft secure hard, put interests of survival through the eye of a needle.   The majority must be preserved….shaped….captured….held for ransom.

Nimble minds please nimble feet and nimble feet retrieve phantom futures.  Our America means hard knocks and tough brawling; means no crying, no self pity, no banality; a tough country but a hard one.  Freedom means earn it day after day.  Freedom to be of stern stuff and hold charity not for show, not for value.

Starve the beasts of virtue, the beasts of governing.  Hope and charity takes up the slack.  Starve the beast of irredeemable knowledge dead air festers in  ripe so that it can become the noxious poisons of our fears.  Rank illiterates hate the common good.  Who would choose the courage to understand?  Damned well rank evil gnomes.

Fortress fortress us and tough thinking folk.  Picture perfect.  We are what we choose to be, what our dreams are made of…Good but careful….trust but verify….the help of last resort.

The staunch and the brave we are.  The reluctant savior, we are.  Mental anguish over tough choices we have. The mensch of midnights past, our calling.  Tough as nails and grateful.  With hearts of gold we survive.  Using them is not always easy.


Jeffrey Goldberg   The Atlantic

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Dominance Games: The sultry seductions of the vapors of the damned

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Cry baby, cry.  Tears baby, tears.  Play baby, play.  Be baby, be.

Use baby, use.  Be used, babe, be used.  Worry about the bastards money coming down the pike and up the river making rich richer, making color colorful. making bright brighter for dim bulbs.   Champion aggrieved. Hedonistic moralizing.  Falling swans turn ugly ducklings over night…and the opposite.

Buy us.  Sell us.  Have us for lunch.  Have us for dinner.  Have us for play and pay, for divine indifference.  Learn the simpletons, embrace the sentence structure of those who have good talk.

Feel the heat.  Turn coy the passion.  Turn coy the scintillating seduction, the sighs, the winks, the nods, the sultry seductions of the vapors of the damned.

Cheer us on.  Break cold.  Break us down.  Tell us no tales.  Whip us no lies.  Treat us our little hearts with no tenderness or affection.

Maul us.  Devour us.  Bore us.  Sicken us.  Convince us.  Buy us.  Sell us.  Churn us up and spit us out.  Charm us freely.  Own us whole.  We have the worth.

Push and pull.  Maim and lame.  Deafen with soulful sins.

Champion us.  Chump us.  Chumped us listen.  Chumped us get rain.  Chumped us believe.  The searing truth, bought and sold, dressed up for candle light.

Buy the buy.  Spend the spend.  The scum ain’t buying nothin’foe nothin’, spending nothin’ for nothin’.  We ain’t getting nothin’ for nothin’.

Store bought wraps.   Painted woman.  Rotten candy……. Sure enough.  Tomorrow and tomorrow.  Give early and often.  Buy early and often.  Vote early and often.

Stays bought.   Gets bought.   The badge of honor.  Paid for the badge of honor.  Elections: the usual and the cheap.   The shell games and the phony fronts.  The messages suckers listen to…….Idealists be happy.

Of many

Jessica Levinson    Huffington Post

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Dominance Games: Love the rancid bastards

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The red roses are red

The blue violets are blue

Violate my little life…..

Love the rancid bastards

Mark Ames and Mike Elk …. The Nation

The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.

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Dominance Games: Worldly and wise and above the fray. Beauty upon a pedestal of sin.

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Sex is here .  Sex is here.  Its sex time in the Rockies.  All over the world.  Its sex time for you and me.

The mine fields.  The trip wires.  The lofty sophistications.  The awkward hypocrisies.  The farm animals.  The sweethearts.  The fun and games; they never let you down.

The death knells.  The transgressors.   The political bodies that go bump in the night.

The easy prey and easy speech that are  grounded in lustful eyes.  The tepid prose and judgements of priests of lowly scum.

Ripped scabs and doleful longings never let disdainful smiles not have fun for breakfast.  Damn with little praise the drugstore cowboy and the flatulent screamer.  The meaninglessness of trysts,  the sins of them, the wanting wanting for more.  Acting out is heaven in the details.  Float the urges sacred and pristine.

….Our women are our toys, our property, our scourge, our curse.  They are our partners, our masters, our antagonists,  our beauty upon a pedestal of sin.

Sex and costs.  Sex and costs.   Sex and costs.

The cost benefit analysis of bad behavior.   The cost benefit analysis of wished for behavior, of groping behavior, of the fire in the belly, disgrace in the heart behavior.  The cost benefit analysis of self protection and good grace.

The rancid use of the currencies of power make many a Jack a dull boy.  The libido, the laughs, the plays for bargains.  The objects of desire need be so. The objects of property need be that way also.  Tis more precise fun in the winning.

The privileges of ownership and its perks and the whip hand   The misty dew all over the world.  have enough of the currencies of use and coercion, of choice and fun and thrills a minute.  Take as need to be taken.  Make as need be made.  Give as need be given.  Use well.   Use all.  Use all over the everywhere.  Everywhere.  Here and there.  In all civilized places.

…..And the rest of us go dawdle, watch, love, fly in false sophistication.   The rest of us dive, tunnel, resist, puff up with  false bravado.  The sharpies ply with false modesty.  The holy with false stories, sinful villains, despicable users, pirates, breakers, killers, owners and bums.   The fear, the force, the repression, the troves of license.

It is good to be worldly and wise and above the fray.

Two about those randy Europeans

The New yorker   Ariel Levy

The New Yorker    Philip Gourevitch

One noting the love of good believers

New York Times    Dina Salah Amer and Omniya Al Desoukie

and such ………..

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Dominance Games: Company thugs and union goons would like to come back

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Ahh, the mind set.  Ahh, the prejudices.  Ahh, the soul of a vital capital economy with the moxie and guts to be great.  The drive.  The resource.  The navigations of the rough seas of competition with the wind not enough at your back.  The iron will.  The self determination.  The drive.  The pride.  The heart of the risk taker.  The grand traits of a grand country.  B e they ever cherished and honored, celebrated and reflected upon.  Scrap and fight.  Hustle and move.  Do what has to be done.  Build and build.  Empire, good empire.  Hard scrabble and brass knuckles.  It ain’t so damned easy.  Spit and get off of the floor.  Keep coming.  Keep coming.  Keep coming.  Winning is tough.  Keeping turf is tough.  Building is tough.  This is romance.  This is steel.

Ahh the poor inferior helpless.  Unschooled, unable, unwarranted, unloved.  Ahh, the comfortable dependents upon the sweat and work of others.  The path is there for the traveling.  The stakes are there for the taking.  Life’s owes nothing but death and squalor.  Manna from the haves to the needy is manna earned.  Work is production.  Production creates sustenance.  No production.  No sustenance.  No sustenance….no survival.

All is fair always in the market place.  It is self defining.  The ones who corner the means and methods win.  The ones who take away extreme power do so as a protective measure.  The winners win only so long as the system has the backing of state sanctioned law or force…or non state sanctioned law or force.  There are no guarantees that the winners won’t push themselves over a cliff.  There are no guarantees that the losers will go quietly.

Survival for all requires the hording of force and the use thereof.  Company thugs and union goons have had their time in the sun.  They would like to come back

Tommy Christopher   Mediaite

Glenn Thrush and Byron Tau   Politico

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Dominance Games: Capitulation wins the day

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And the virulent shall be pure and the pure shall lead and the true shall beckon heaven and the good shall be forthright.

And the secure shall be strong and the tolerant shall falter and the self righteous shall be our sultry light in the skies.

And the humble shall be honored and the loud shall not be silenced.  The quiet shall not simmer.  The reflective shall have no time, shall have no home.  The reflective shall be taught to do no other thing.

The rich shall be of fire.  The poor shall be of disdain.  The winds shall not be of reaping.  The thieves shall not be of compromise.

Backs shall be straight.  Limbs shall be strong.  Aim shall be true.  Thoughts shall be lustful.

Home shall be where the heart is.  The righteous shall right all wrongs.

The fire in the belly shall be not sated.  The searing sting of justice shall not wane.  The heart of the hunters shall not go unused.  The prey of the hunters shall not hide.

The living miasma of organic thought shall truck no compromise.  The beating hearts of hope shall not be abandoned.  The pure and the true shall not be sullied by remorse or retribution.  The powerful shall not fear their lives.

Freedom from hurt.  Hurt the world commodity.  Killers kill.  Owners own. Breakers break.  Change comes from forces  accommodating  the lusts of the disenfranchised, the lusts of the put upon, the lusts of the thugs, the lusts of the head bangers, the vile rots who can hurt.

A sword for the swordless.  A knife for the knifeless.   Power for the powerless.  A guarantee of fear to the fearless, fear of retribution to the winless, fear of recrimination to the lossless, fear of death to the daft, the dank dreamers, the wayward skunks.

Satiate the lust of the lustful, the hates of the hard, the blood lust of the thirsty.  Dreams are pleasant.  Talk is good.  Will is cheap.  Work works nicely.  Capitulation wins the day.

The Economist     Boundlessly loyal to the great monster

Jeffrey Goldberg   The Atlantic   Danger Tyrants

F. Brinley Bruton

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Dominance Games: Dominance Games: Prior to sinking the ships of state

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For viewing pleasure there are always the perfect villains and perfect fools of the corridors of power using the levers that they hold in order to work things out in ways workable.  Checks and balances work in so far as there is the ability to execute.  Laws, after all, are just means to direct the execution of the power of the state.  With the governed increasingly unwilling to abide by the sanctions of the state directions lead to one of two outcomes.  Either a tightening of force or the grip of the powerful or the fragmentation of power without cohesive structure or finely tuned apparatus to enforce unknowable rules and standards.

The games may be different in different places and systems but the principle is the same.  No agreement on an umbrella political structure gives way to the savageries of power plays and power grabs.  Corruption is not corruption.  It becomes the order of disorder with, in the extremes , the order of death.

Fragmented views of society are wished for by those in opposition to the order that is.  Push too far and hoped for new orders become no order what so ever.  Allegiances to cohesion are hard allegiances when corrupting power wanes out of control.  Allegiances to fraction and divisiveness are not attractive measures when they invite  a broken world without recourse to fixing.  A non lethal state can be mended best from within.  A lethal state invites the danger of getting better or worse.

Firebrands would do well to judge the level of real toxicity prior to sinking their ships of state.  Puzzlers ponder answers, define not questions.  The powers of those in the catbirds seat always trump rage and rant.

The self interest of the fears and cries of the put upon is dear.  Perceptions  are often eternally skewed.  Perceptions of power bases are often eternally skewed.  Readings of power bases are often eternally flawed.

In the rush to build government, the rush to build equity, firmness grabs often by the  short hairs.  Whom gets whom by them, the short hairs? The world is the world of unintended consequence.  Who rages for these, the unintended consequence?  Those who risk too much for too little or those who risk too little for too much.  Lasting fancy and gifts from the devil make martyrs out of the righteous.  The righteous put much good in play and much good in jeopardy.  Judgement is a hard to come by commodity.  Laws may be a sham.  Too much fracture and the trust of the populace is lost.  Too little and is is co-opted.

From Times Book Review

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Dominance Games: The rank prancers and weak dittos

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They are the masters of mirth, the procurers of entertainment, the light show, the tinder box.  They are the answer to questions not asked, the question to answers not given.  They appear and disappear at will, the phantasms of dimension, the spines of the spineless.  They endure mightily as they are endurable.  They are smart and free thinking rotted plants.

The come to tell us that they are special, that they think, act, feel, maim.  They promise to promise.   They promise to spew.  They are too damned  base and too damned foolish.

Mean well.  Do well.  Be well.  Be of hard scrabble worth and  abundant luminescence.  Have voice, privilege, a mound of dirt and a pile of rubble  upon which to speak.  Represent.  They represent.  They are the strong special grifters who grift well with rocks and stones.  Ones of a kind.   Cream rising to the top.  The bats in the belfry.

Into nether world jobs they go.  Whistling and skipping and wailing and scheming,  swords of mighty justice they are.  The usual exchangeable parts who fit the slots and make noxious noise they are.  Hordes of independence, realism and thinkers, seers and lemmings swooning gracefully.   Good seering hacks can enjoy the laughter of achievement and ritual, attainment and lobotomy, speciousness and tripe.

Go along,  get along.  Be of the flow.  Offer steam and fall no more.  Great movements mean dead brains.  Why talk when nothing said means a damned thing.  All show all the time.  The virtue in the weak sisters and the hairy apes.  Do any of the rank prancers have the worth to be other than weak dittos?  Love all the damned candidates all the damned time.

Bloomberg Businessweek   Drake Bennett

The Hill   Erik Wasson

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Dominance Games: The tools to ravage and conquer.

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The games of mirrors.  The games of phantoms, hubris, the ephemeral,  the sharp knife .  The violent moves towards preservation.  The games viewed in the prisms of desires and the choice of wars.

The aims of the seekers of wisdom, truths, pocketbooks.   Calculated to the fine points of wishes and wants, projections of bodiless harm the obstructionist is the way of progress.  Long term.  Short term.

The beast of the devil kills and the swarms of ideas with which he pollutes, eases out the roughage and the use the club.  The scalpel, the lethal injection beat down the point.  The toughest, meanest fighter in the room fights for freedom.  War is good.

Starve the government beast.  Preserve order of attainable influence.  Hold the crying towel and work the needy.  Suffering makes for the accomplishing of adulthood.  Suffering makes for stress that kills.  We’ve come a long way from where we’ve been so shut up and die.  We have a long way to go so celebrate the pain.

Cringe and beg.  Survive or not.  Cull the herd.  Break the bank.  Put square pegs in round holes.  Hate losers.  Hate winners.  Hate the need for security.  Hate the desire for security.  Love the nanny state.  Love help from the regulating nazies.  Save the body.  Free the soul.  Save the soul.  Free the body.  Pick who to gets hurt.  They have no use.   In the short term.  In the long term.  It is always necessary to marginalize.

The logic of rigidity demands fidelity to principle.  The logic of principle demands not fidelity to logic.  Aims demand gain.  Gain demands what it can.  Gain is the winner.  A  beachhead to call a permanent home is sought.  Gain is sought.

The wellspring from which to establish a mean base of violent attack is the warriors dream.  Boys and their toys, girls and their whirls.  The tools to ravage and conquer.  Desirable ends.  What else is it all about?  The passionate logic of passion picks the runners.  The passionate logic of runners fancies the passion.  Nobody does nothin’ foe nothin’.  Aims are true.  The knives are out.

Passions dictate tactics.  Win what there is to win.  Life in the sun.  Victory is what you make of it.  Killers kill.  Elections are for bottom feeders.  Elections are for killers.

David Frum

Shelby Steele  Wall Street Journal

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